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Medical/Disciplinary Release (2019-2020)
If the parents and authorized physician named cannot be reached at the time of an emergency and if immediate observation or treatment is urgent in the perception of school authorities, I authorize that my son/daughter be taken to the hospital for emergency medical treatment. I agree to reimburse the school for any medical costs that may be incurred by my son/daughter while on this trip.

I also understand that in the event that my son/daughter does not comply with the rules given to them or by the rules of the school, they may be sent home at my expense and will not receive a refund of any kind. Major violations include but are not limited to:

-Possessing illegal drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol
-Conducting oneself in an inappropriate manner
-Causing harm to another person
-Being insubordinate to adults and/or other authority figures
-Being in the cabins of the opposite sex
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