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Underdog Animal Rescue and Rehab Adoption Application
This application is to apply to adopt a dog from Underdog Animal Rescue and Rehab. Please fill out all sections to the best of your ability, our adoption coordinator will review your application and contact you as soon as they are able too.
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How many pets do you currently have in your home? What are their names and ages? *
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Where is this pet now?
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Have you ever surrendered an animal to the Humane Society or other shelter? *
If yes, why?
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What is your current housing situation? *
If renting please add your landlords name and contact info:
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Are you planning to move in the next six months? *
If yes, what will you do with your pet?
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Are there children living in the household? *
Does anybody in your household have animal allergies? If yes, how do you plan to manage this issue?
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Will this pet be kept indoors or outdoors? *
How will you keep this pet confined to your property? *
Can you afford veterinary care, grooming, emergency expenses, supplies, and food for the lifetime of the pet? (These expenses often add up to hundreds of dollars a year). *
Name of vet and contact info: *
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All pets making the transition to a new home need time to adjust to a new family and may require house training and behavior training, are you willing to provide this if needed?
Information regarding the history, health, and behavior of adopted animals may not be available or accurate. What behavior would you be unwilling to work with?
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By signing below, I certify that the information I have given is accurate and complete.
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Adoption fees are as follows:
$150.00-puppy under 8 months of age
$95.00-dogs over 8 months of age
$35.00-cats and kittens
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