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2019 US Agent FAM Application
At G Adventures, we believe seeing a destination firsthand allows you to sell it better to your clients. We invite you to join us on a G Adventures FAM - learn what it's like to discover these incredible destinations the G way! Fill out this quick form to apply today. If your application is approved, a G Adventures representative will be in contact via email. Please remember these FAMs are only available to US Travel Agents.


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Please rank each 2019 FAM destination based on your interest and availability. If you are not available for a certain trip, do not assign a number to it.
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Morocco Journey (May 11 - May 19)
Explore Kruger & Victoria Falls (June 14 - June 22)
Local Living Italy - Coastal Tuscany (June 22 - June 28)
Explore Machu Picchu (July 15 - July 22)
Wellness Thailand (September 13 - September 21)
By applying for a G Adventures FAM, you agree to confirm your spot as soon as possible and will adhere to any last-minute cancellation fees should you have to cancel within 60 days of departure? *
By applying for a G Adventures FAM, you acknowledge that you must have travel insurance to depart on a tour with us. *
By applying for a G Adventures FAM, you acknowledge and agree to the on-tour client responsibility (clause 18) of G Adventures' terms and conditions? *
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