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Discover the Winner in You
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Discover the Winner in You
Discover the Winner in You is based on two decades of self-discovery and studies and research of successful personalities across the globe from business icons, world-class athletes, champions of industries, creative disruptors, inspirational speakers, scientists etc. The book is based around how each person can distinguish themselves in the pursuit of excellence and create their own identity based on their values, passion and strengths.

The book is filled with fascinating insights and wisdom to the reader and serves as a road map for individuals to participate in their own unique success journey and create their identity based on a 7P model. The model explains the importance of integrating all 07P towards achieving world-class and the lack of one P can dismantle the entire process. The sooner a person understands the 7P formula and follows through, the better competitive edge he gains over others who are stranded with uncertainty. The faster a person hits the road and participate in the journey, the better he will be valued and appreciated by society, thus reaching a new level of personal power.

This book will be a road map for many individuals especially the youth or millennials who seek clarity and purpose to invent, reinvent their identity.
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