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Share Your Story! Do you have 3 or more misdemeanor convictions in Georgia?
Because of a law passed in 2020 (SB 288), Georgians are now able, for the first time, to expunge ("restrict and seal") certain convictions from their record. But that law is limited. One significant limit is that individuals can only expunge 2 misdemeanor convictions in their life.  

In 2023, Georgia Justice Project is working to pass a new law that would remove this limit. The new law would allow individuals to expunge eligible misdemeanor convictions without a limit. 

It is always powerful and helpful for lawmakers to hear personal stories from people who would benefit from a new law. This can help lawmakers understand who the law will benefit and why people deserve this change in the law. We can share stories anonymously.  

We want to hear from you if:
You have 3 or more misdemeanor convictions on your Georgia criminal record.
You have not been convicted of anything else in at least 4 years. 
You have not been able to clear your full record due to the limit on how many misdemeanors you can expunge.
Despite all the time that has passed and all the work you have done to move on from your past, you still face barriers to employment, housing, and/or volunteer opportunities because of your criminal record.  

Please use this form, or upload a video, to tell us about your experience with a misdemeanor record that cannot be cleared.  

If it is easier for you to share your story via video or voice recording, please feel free to e-mail your video or recording to 

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Have you tried to restrict and seal (expunge) any of the convictions from your record?  If so, were you successful in removing some of them? Do you have any remaining convictions that have not been expunged? *
In what Georgia county/counties are your misdemeanors from? *
What difficulties do you continue to face because of the misdemeanor convictions that remain on your record?  (barriers to employment, housing, other opportunities, etc.)  *
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