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English Proficiency and Aptitude Tests (EPAT)
Welcome to Languagelab's English Proficiency and Aptitude Tests (EPAT). This assessment will help you identify 4 key areas of English language for improvement : oral, comprehension, vocabulary and grammar for composition. Your email address and all 40 questions must be answered to submit your response. Good luck!
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1. Can I borrow your calculator for a few minutes? *
2. I have got some great news that I would love to share with you! *
3. The sign reminds us to keep off the grass. *
4. Can you meet me at Joe's restaurant tonight? It is urgent. *
5. Many thanks for your kind wishes. *
6. These stilettos are killing me!
7. What an eye-catching mural! I'm spellbound. *
8. Where can I buy some pencils and paper? *
9. I can't wait to get my hands on the new book by Rowling! *
10. Do you have any small change on you? *
11. Jungles in many parts of the world have been declared forest _____. *
12. The scholarship offered to you is a golden opportunity for students like you. Do not _____ the chance. *
13. Tom was _____ as there was no evidence against him. *
14. The _____ of dengue fever are body aches, swelling of lymph nodes and high fever. *
15. Students who are _____ by bullies should not be afraid to speak up. *
16. She tried her best in the talent competition but managed to win only a _____ prize. *
17. Everyone had an exciting time at the fiesta. I enjoyed myself _____ too. *
18. The restless child soon became bored with his toy and _____ by throwing tantrums. *
19. Many people prefer to go to a _____ to keep fit. *
20. Just add a _____ of salt to the curry to enhance the taste. *
21. Young children usually like to _____ the adults around them. *
22. Karen was in her _____ during the interview. I bet she'll be receiving a call pretty soon with an offer. *
23. _____ they be ready soon? *
24. I was really tired. _____ I ploughed through because I don't like to procrastinate *
25. He is the right person _____ facilitate the workshop. *
26. We will be there tomorrow, _____? *
27. To pass the road test, you must _____ excellent driving skills. *
28. The villagers did not take any precautions against bird flu. _____, they fell victim to the disease. *
29. The young man was fined for driving his car way _____ the speed limit. *
30. Peacocks are _____ than peahens. *
31. The key element that gives lemons its cleaning power is citric acid. Citric acid, which is a chelating agent, is colourless and translucent, and as such can hold on to ions of iron, calcium or magnesium. So, when citric acid grabs on to the iron ions in rust, it becomes water soluble and the rust can be washed away. Which of the following is not a property of citric acid? *
32. Maria often gets cold feet before her Elocution Competitions. Somehow she ends up winning them. Which is untrue? *
33. Those looking for family bonding experiences should try Club Max's latest holiday packages. Its 500-odd beds are arranged into 200 rooms that can accommodate small and large families. The package includes a city tour. A visit to the zoo can also be arranged for those interested. All you got to do is make a request at the front office. What is true? *
34. There is a layer of air called the ozone layer in the earth's stratosphere. The function of the layer is to shield the earth from excessive ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Unfortunately, the shield is slowly being eroded. The phrase, "the shield" refers to _____. *
35. Although holidaying overseas seems like a wonderful experience, do not forget that holidaying in one's own country is more advantageous. You can save cost, eat the food you are accustomed to and see new places as well. Which statement is true? *
36. Food handlers must ensure cleanliness at all times. They must ensure that the food that is served to customers is clean and healthy to be eaten. For example, all fruits and vegetables must be carefully washed before they are consumed or cooked. They may contain pesticides that are harmful. The word "they" refers to _____. *
37. The much taken for granted Brussels sprouts is actually a vegetable which has cancer preventing properties. Scientists have discovered that this vegetable, if consumed regularly, keep this dangerous disease away. Which statement is true? *
38. Meg owns many antiques such as historical musical instruments. Her favourite is the ancient mask she bought in Bombay. It is priceless. What is priceless? *
39. Being an extrovert, Aida prefers a more social, team approach to physical well being. From the above sentence, we can infer that Aida is _____ . *
40. Three masked men robbed a bank in the heart of the city yesterday. According to official reports, the heavily armed men burst into the bank during peak hours. The phrase "heavily armed" means _____. *
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