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FFTP Registration Form for Harvest Leaders/Fruit tree adopters
Please sign up to adopt a fruit site and coordinate a fruit harvest! Just share some information about yourself, below.
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Upon arriving at a fruit harvest and before participating in the harvest, participants will need to agree to the following statement. Please indicate that you have read this. *
In consideration of voluntary participation in this activity, I release any and all claims for damages and losses suffered by me or my minor child as a result of said participation. I further understand that there are certain risks inherent in this activity. Such risks include falling out of a tree, falling off a ladder, getting poked in the eye with a tree branch, insect stings, having fruit or branches fall on you or your minor child, and damage to property. I hereby agree to assume those risks on my behalf or on behalf of my minor child and bear all costs for medical attention and to hold harmless the property owner and the Friendly Fruit Tree Project volunteers. I understand that I am protected from civil or criminal liability should any fruit that I donate bring harm to its recipient, based on Oregon's Good Samaritan laws.
I will be responsible this season for coordinating and leading or co-leading AT LEAST ONE fruit harvest at a participating fruit site of my choice. *
I understand that I will receive an orientation beforehand (ideally by visiting another fruit harvest). Participating fruit sites must be FFTP-registered and in need of adoption. I will be able to choose where the fruit (~ a third of the harvest) is brought for donation. I will be offered a share of the harvest. Please select Yes below to register as a Harvest Leader with the Friendly Fruit Tree Project.
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