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Theme Park Organization Officer Application
-Below are all the Texas A&M Theme Park Organization Chair positions available for next semester, Fall 2019.
Please look through the positions and choose your top 3 preferences.
- Applications will be due on Monday April 15th by midnight.
- Fall 2019 Officers will be chosen and contacted by April 19th, 2019.
- If you have questions about any of the positions please contact Madi at


Trips Chair:
- This position is perfect for a TPO member that enjoys a variety of theme focused destinations. The Trips Chair has the opportunity to explore all of the themed attractions Texas has to offer, along with valuable opportunities to network with local industry experts.
- The Trips Chair responsibilities include:
- Organizing 2-3 themed industry related trips (theme parks, zoos, museums, etc.) per semester for the Fall 2019 semester.
- Communicating trip dates and detailed information to organization members and officers.
- Coordinating day-of-trip plan, such as carpooling, departure times, etc.
NOTE: The Trips Chair does NOT have to go on every trip, but is responsible for the organization of all trips.

Professional Development Chair:
- This position offers a wide range of industry focused opportunities for a TPO member who is looking to bring in new members and industry resources. The Professional Development Chair will be constantly be keeping members up-to-date on themed industry opportunities.
- The Professional Development Chair responsibilities include:
- Organizing local industry events, such as a Disney College Program Panel or reaching out to any guest speakers.
- Updating our members on local, national, or international industry opportunities, such as IAAPA, Design Competitions, Internship Opportunities, etc.

Public Relations Chair:
- This position is great for a social media fanatic that can use their expertise to help TPO's public image. The PR Chair is the face of TPO, directly communicating information and updates to TPO members.
- The Public Relations Chair responsibilities include:
- Actively posting on TPO social media (Facebook, Instagram, TPO Website, etc.)
- Updating TPO members on meetings, socials, and other announcements via social media.

Fundraising Chair:
- This position is centered around getting TPO necessary funds for organization activities, while also bringing the organization together to bond over a shared love of theme parks. The Fundraising Chair is perfect for a TPO member that loves the social aspect of TPO, and wants to help new members become part of the TPO family.
- The Fundraising Chair responsibilities include:
- Coordinating profit shares with local businesses.
- Organizing local socials, such as movie nights, game nights, etc, to bring TPO members together.

Project Chair:
- The Project Chair will be the head of a new TPO initiative created to give TPO members hands-on experience with themed design. This position offers valuable design, project management, and industry focused experience to a TPO member looking to jump start their career in themed entertainment engineering or business.
- The Projects Chair responsibilities include:
- Organizing long term projects that TPO members can take part in for professionally focused experience in Design or other areas relevant to the Themed Industry.
- Plan smaller group activities for meetings in order to 'break the ice' among members.

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