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Consultative Forum on AgriTech and Sustainable Agriculture in Nigeria 2020
MyFarmbase Africa launches a Consultative Forum on AgriTech and Sustainable Agriculture to promote youth engagement in commercial agribusiness.


According to the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics, 60% of youths make up the 200 million population. Youths are great assets if properly harnessed for development.

However they can become a source for potential destabilization under conditions of rampant unemployment as we currently have.

This makes investment in youth very important.

The National Youth Policy promises to create an average of 3.7 million jobs per year (approximately 18.5 million jobs over the 5-year policy period), with priority on youth employment and with the CBN MSME N250 billion funds in place, the agricultural sector is a go-to sector for active youth engagement and onward investment.

Based on insight which shows that the Agricultural sector has been a major employer of labour and contributes largely to our National GDP (over 25%).

It is on this basis that we launch this consultative forum on Agriculture, under the theme, “Promoting Innovative Youth Engagement in Commercial Agribusiness"


The forum will identify knowledge and action gaps, share lessons on viable instruments, institutions, policies, and contribute to consensus on priorities for appropriate investment and action by different actors/stakeholders for supporting youth in Agribusiness.

The specific objectives of this Consultative Forum are;

1. Showcasing of AgriTech and Agribusiness solutions from global Agriculture companies and fostering adoption by participants from diverse backgrounds.

2. Promote public private partnership that will improve youth-led agric Entrepreneurs

3. Exploring opportunities in commercial Agribusiness for youths.

4. Evaluate emerging developments that pose significant threats to youth engagement in Agribusiness;

5. Set priorities for action by different actors at local and national levels.

Who will attend the Consultative Forum?

The participants will include representatives from;
1. Relevant government ministries and departments,
2. Investors
3. Farmers organizations
4. Agriculture Entrepreneurs
5. Researchers/extension agents/innovators
6. Financing institutions
7. Private sector Agric companies
8. Youth-led organisations

Date of Event: May

For more inquiries;

Contact 08161173811 [Amos] or 08121364213 [Olamide - WhatsApp only]

For Sponsorship/Partnerships;

Please call 08068306812, 08137365526 or email or
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