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NAC2 Meet-up + Public Viewing
The Meet-up will happen at the evening Saturday the 16th of February + there will be public viewing options on Saturday and Sunday at the same location. Saturday from 12 o'clock local time and Sunday from 14 o'clock local time till the games end.

Saturday 16.02.19 11:00 GMT - Semi Final #1 - BO9
Saturday 16.02.19 16:00 GMT - Semi Final #2 - BO9
Saturday 16.02.19 21:00 GMT - Meet & Greet
Sunday 17.02.18 13:00 GMT - Grand Final BO13

Attendance: Nili, TheViper, JorDan, Liereyy, MbL, Nicov, TaToH, DauT, F1Re, Memb, BBQTurkman, OrnLu, ZeroEmpires, Marco, Marah

Location: Indra Club 64
Große Freiheit 64
22767 Hamburg, Germany

There will be no entrance fee - I will have higher costs than expected though and would appreciate some contribution into a tip box (max 10€!).
There won't be any confirmation for you sign-ups. This file was simply for my planning/sharing.
Organizing travel groups/hotels:

WARNING: The Screen won't be that big (like 2.5m diagonal) so be aware that it won't be the greatest viewing experience ever.

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