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Bounce Bags
Hello, we are from Plastic-Lite Singapore :) Please share your views with us about reusable bag usage for your shopping trips. Your feedback will help us tailor our community bag-share campaign called BOUNCE BAGS in a much better way! This survey will take about 3 minutes. Your response is greatly appreciated!
When shopping in a shopping mall or supermarket, which is the choice of the bag you usually use?
Would you like to use reusable bags more often?
If there is a bag-sharing point near the mall or supermarket that provides you with free reusable bags shared by the community, would you use it?
What factors are most important to you when considering using free bags from a bag-sharing point? You may tick up to three.
Would you donate bags to the bag-sharing point?
What is one suggestion you have to make the bag-sharing point more enticing for you as a user?
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