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Discovering your personal learning environment
How do you learn best?  When are you at your creative best? How do you best apply your learning?  You may not know, which is we designed this activity - to help you figure it out.

If you know how you learn best then you’re more likely to get more out of this course, as well as remember and be able to use what you’ve learned.

To help unlock the mystery of what specific, personal learning environment is best for you please take a moment to answer the 7 questions found here.  The questions are reflective- that is, there is not right or wrong answers -  simply answer in a way that best fit you.

Lee-Anne Ragan
Rock.Paper.Scissors Inc.

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What do you want to learn?  Take charge of your learning and think about why you took this course- what you're curious about and what questions you want answered by the time you're finished.  Also think about what you want to do with your learning.
What space do you learn best in and are at your most creative? How can you create that kind of space for this course?  For example do you need a quiet, serene place or do you do your best learning in a place where there's lots going on?
What do you need to set yourself up for learning and creativity success technology wise?  Is there anything you need to do now to ensure that?
Who will you involve in your learning?  We want you to extend, apply and share your learning.  Think about who in your community you can get support from if you need it and who you can be a resource to with all of your new learning.
Learning is sometimes hard.  Learning about technology can be hard.  What do you  need to do to support yourself if you 'hit a wall,' that is if you get stressed, fatigued or feel overwhelmed?
How will you manage your learning?   You're going to be introduced to a lot of resources- how will you keep track of them?  If you're a pen and paper learner, do you need to get some files, post it notes etc.?  If you're a digital learner how will you electronically organize your learning (can you start or continue to use a social bookmarking site like or put everything into one Google doc or Word file)?
Regarding timing, when do you do your best work and when are you free to do this work?  When are you at your most creative?
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