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Tech co-founders & opportunities
BACKGROUND: I, like a lot of other people with tech skills, get a lot of requests to co-found people's businesses or refer tech skilled people in my network to do so. I don't have time to build everyone's business but I'm sure there are people out that there that would be a good fit.

WHAT IS THIS: This list is for tech people looking for tech co-founder opportunities and for non-tech people looking for a tech co-founder. If you're comfortable doing so, please share this list as the more people that join, the more valuable will be come for everyone.

HOW THIS WORKS: Fill out the questions below and you will get a link at the end taking you to a spreadsheet of people looking for tech co-founders and tech people looking for tech co-founder opportunities.

RECRUITERS: You are absolutely not allowed to use the contact details on this list for recruiting purposes. That isn't an informal request, it's a formal term of use and can be supported through legal action.

Lastly, if you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to drop me a note at :)

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