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Plastic-Free EB: Community Survey
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Are you concerned about the impact of plastic waste on the environment?
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What do you usually use to carry your grocery shopping?
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If you usually use single-use bags, what prevents you from using reusable bags? (Please check all that apply.)
After you use single-use plastic bags, what do you do with them? (check all that apply)
If you re-use plastic bags, what do you use them for?
What measures would you like to see implemented in East Brunswick to reduce single use plastics?
Are there any other initiatives that you think we should consider?
Information about single use plastic bags
It is estimated that more than twenty millions bags are used in East Brunswick every year.

Worldwide, a trillion single-use plastic bags are used  every year. The plastic the bags are made of does not readily degrade and remain in the environment for up to a thousand years.
Discarded plastic bags threaten wildlife everywhere, suffocate our wetlands, and pollute our oceans.

The good news is plastic bag pollution is preventable, and you can be part of the solution. If each of us use reusable bags when shopping we will eliminate the accumulation of plastic bags in our environment.
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The survey/pledge is part of the Plastic Free EB, an educational program to minimizing plastic contamination by reducing use of disposable plastic bags. The Friends of the East Brunswick Environmental Commission (Friends EBEC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation and environmental education.  The survey is supported b the East Brunswick Sustainability task force.
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