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CSUSB Confessions Submission Form
Type in your anonymous confession. It will be posted on the CSUSB Confessions page. This is entirely anonymous.

Your name will not be displayed, nor are you required to even submit your name in the first place.

No threats, no stupid stuff. Use your best judgment. If you submit something that breaks these rules, it will not be posted on the CSUSB Confessions page.

These rules can change at any time.


If you are thinking about expressing thoughts of suicide or self harm on this page, we highly encourage you to seek out support services. If you are in immediate crisis, remember you can always call 911 should there be any threat to self or others.

It is not within the scope of practice for moderators of this page to provide, facilitate or lead discussions on crisis or mental health issues.

Please see below for referral resources should you need them.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Suicide Hotline:

Services Hotline:

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