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Campus Ambassador Application
Apply to be a campus ambassador of the Hyderabad Python community within your college. This is a platform for students who are passionate about programming and open source, to start and lead an active Python club in their college.
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Why do you need this Program?
To build a great community of coders and computer enthusiasts in your college
To promote Open-source technology
To organize python programming sessions and contests
To connect with other ambassadors, share resources and get to know about fellow coders around the globe.

What we've planned for you?
Around the globe exposure for the events organized by you.
Special Swag Pack on becoming a Campus Ambassador.
Certificate and letter of recommendation on successful completion of the program.
Roles and Responsibilities
Introduce new and experienced programmers to the club.
We will be conducting other sessions, workshops, hackathons in the city, so you need to publicize the event in and around your college.
Conduct one full-fledged session/workshop on Python/Programming/OpenSource every month in the college.
Contribute a project to Open source stack every month.
Who can apply?
Students who have strong communication skills and can lead the student developer community.
Students who have basic knowledge about Python/Programming and Open source technology.
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What session do you wish to organize as inaugural session by one of our speakers? *
Do you have any past experience with clubs? *
Have been part of any clubs in and around your colleges? Or have you organized any sessions in your college?
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Why do you think you are the right person to take this responsibility? *
What stack have you got in? What do you want to achieve with this?
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What do you call arrays in python? *
Just to know if you are familiar with python.
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