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Is enkel for me?
These questions are designed to help you reflect on your current and future situation, and understand if enkel is a good fit for you. You don't have to submit the form unless you want to - it will be used as basis for a coffee chat with one of our members.
enkel is a collective with the mission to create a new generation of changemakers in Western Australia. What change do you want to create here? *
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Why do you want to join enkel? *
To develop myself and thrive in the world.
To develop enkel and see the organisation thrive in the world.
What kind of support would you ideally like from the enkel collective? *
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What can you contribute to the enkel collective? *
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What's your current understanding of enkel?
I don't know much but am curious to know more
I understand how all parts fit together and become "a whole", which is larger than its individual parts, and see different options for where the organisation might head in the future.
How much time can you spend on enkel per week in the next 12 months? *
No time
Full time (40h/w)
What role would you prefer to have in an enkel project? *
I need to be a main driver of the project
I'd like to help when I can, but wouldn't want to drive a project.
What are some of your passions and interests? *
Your answer
Where do you want to focus your energy? *
My own project
enkel collective
How much do your energy levels / physical / mental health vary on a long-term basis?
My health fluctuates a lot and I need to pull out of all extracurricular activities often.
I am fairly stable.
How involved do you want to be in the decision-making process for enkel?
I trust that the other members will make the right decisions without my input.
I want to have a say in all decisions that concern the collective.
How important is location for you?
I will only go to enkel events, spaces and activities in my suburb.
I don't mind - I'll come anywhere in metro Perth.
enkel is a co-operative and follows the global 7 co-operative principles: Voluntary Open Membership, Democratic Member Control, Co-operation among Co-operatives, Autonomy & Independence, Member Economic Contribution, Concern for the Community and Education, Training and Information.
How important is it for you to be part of a co-operative?
Not important. Any organisational form is fine as long as I agree with its values.
Very important - I would not be an enkel member if it wouldn't be a co-op.
How much money can you contribute to enkel?
No more than the monthly member fee.
I can invest a considerable amount in enkel (over 10k).
Where do you believe enkel should be positioned on the changemaking spectrum?
Very progressive. We need to be at the forefront and create a new better system.
Incremental change. I don't really care about changing the system or creating a new system as long as we follow our values.
How much energy and time should enkel spend on helping other collectives and co-ops like us?
enkel definitely needs to help other groups like us.
enkel should concentrate on ourselves and developing enkel.
Are you aware that enkel is co-created by everyone i.e. that you need to be active in the collective? *
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