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We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help you buy your next home. Please fill out this survey so we can be educated on how to best serve you before we meet with you in person. Thank you!
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Your Name
Do you have a nickname you prefer to be called instead of your legal name? If so please share that with us so we can address you in the manner you like to be addressed.
Preferred pronoun
How did you hear about the Tracy and Ann Sell KC team?
Which agent have you been in contact with?
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If you were referred by someone, can you tell us that person's name so we can thank them?
What are the top three things you look for in a real estate team?
Why do you want to move to a new home?
If you're currently renting, when is your lease up? (exact date please)
When would you like to move into your new home?
Have you previously owned a home or other real estate?
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Do you currently own a home? If so, do you need to sell it first? And, is it on the market?
Do you understand that there is no cost to you to work with a Realtor and that we are paid by the seller of whatever home you choose to purchase?
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On Fridays, would you like to receive Open House emails for properties you're interested in?
For showings, do you prefer to drive on your own or have us pick you up?
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What are the best days and times for you to look at properties?
How much time do you need at each property during showings?
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General Description
Tell us about yourself
Current home address
Name of employer
Office address
Preferred email
Preferred phone number
Do you prefer communication be done via email, text or phone?
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For work do you...
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Date of birth (may omit year)
Name of significant other (if applicable) - preferred and legal
Significant other's preferred pronoun
Significant other's preferred email
Significant other's preferred phone number
Significant other's occupation
Significant other's employer
Significant other's office address
Significant other's Date of Birth (may omit year)
For work does your significant other...
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If you take public transportation how long of a walk to trolly, or bus are you comfortable with and do you prefer trolly or bus?
Who should we use as our main contact?
Will there be anyone else (other than a significant other) helping you with your home buying search or offering their opinion on which property you end up buying?
Do you have any kids or any plans to have kids soon? If you currently have kids, how many and their ages?
If you have kids or are planning to have kids, is school district a factor in your decision making process? If so, please let us know if there are particular schools you're interested in living by?
Will anyone else be living with you such as a roommate, spouse, kids? If so, whom and will they be part of the decision making process?
My spouse/significant other/best friend would say I'm...(select whichever applies best)
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I would consider my spouse/significant other/best friend (select whichever applies best, if applicable)
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Do you and your spouse/significant other/best friend like a lot of info when making decisions or do you rely on your gut/intuition?
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Do you and your spouse/significant other/best friend make decisions quickly or do you prefer to take time to think things through?
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Your New Home
Tell us what you'd like in your new home
What is your intention with the property after you purchase it (for example live in it, rent it out, airbnb the property, live/work space, etc)?
If you plan to use it as a live/work space, what kind of business are you in so we can see if the zoning/HOA allows for a business to be operated out of a residential property?
How long do you anticipate owing the property?
If you are planning to live in the property, do you want to be able to rent it out when you're done living there?
Clear selection
Anything else we should know about your short or long term plans for the property?
# of bedrooms desired
# of FULL bathrooms
# of HALF bathrooms
Are you looking for a condo, single family home, or multi family building?
Do you have a minimum amount of square feet required?
Do you like open concept floor plans or do you like the kitchen, dining and living spaces to be separate rooms?
Do you prefer more modern construction or vintage properties?
Is parking a requirement?
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Do you own a car? If so, how many?
If parking is a requirement, would you prefer...
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Is central AC a requirement?
Clear selection
Is outdoor space a requirement?
Clear selection
Is in-unit laundry a requirement?
Clear selection
What size bed do you need to fit in the master bedroom?
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Do you prefer bigger living spaces such as the dining room and living room or do you prefer bigger bedrooms?
Do you cook a lot? Is a nice kitchen important to you?
Do you entertain a lot? Do you need a big dining area?
Please list any must haves that are deal breakers
Please list any items on your wish list which aren't deal breakers
Do you want a move in ready property or are you ok with a fixer upper?
Clear selection
If you're ok with a fixer upper what type of upgrades are you comfortable doing or hiring someone else to do (check all that apply)
Do you have any pets or plans to get pets?
Clear selection
If you have pets how many?
Please describe your perfect home (floor plan, decor, yard, style, features, etc) and anything else that is important to you.
What specific neighborhoods or communities do you have in mind? What attracts you to these areas?
The three most important factors when buying a house are: location, size, and condition. Which is the most important to you and why?
Have you done any research on your own? What specifically (open houses, Zillow, etc)?
If so, have any caught your eye? Please list the property address or MLS #.
When would you like to start looking at properties?
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Let's Talk About Money
Money is a big deal, especially when it comes to buying a home. After all, for most people, this is the biggest purchase they'll make. With our trusted mortgage brokers, our goal is to help you find the best home in line with your short and long term financial goals.
Are you pre-approved?
Clear selection
If YES - please list the mortgage broker's contact info (name, phone number, email).
If NO - would you like us to send you our recommended lenders?
Clear selection
What is your minimum price?
What is your maximum price?
Will you be making an all cash purchase?
Clear selection
If no, how much money do you have set aside for the down payment?
Is anyone giving you gift money to go towards your down payments or closing costs?
Clear selection
If you've purchased real estate before, were your experiences good or bad? Why?
What would upset you or make the home buying search process frustrating for you?
Is there anything else we should know about you?
We believe strongly in giving back, therefore, we donate a portion of each commission to either 1. local schools as we believe all kids should have access to a great education 2. local animal rescue groups as we are a team of dog and cat lovers or 3. a charity of your choice. After your transaction closes which group you would like our donation for your home purchase to be made to:
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If you choose "a Charity" for your donation, where would you like it made:
Is there anything you'd like to know about the Tracy and Ann Sell KC team?
Fun Facts about You!
Tell us about YOUR favorite things.
Alma Mater
Favorite Bands
Favorite Drinks
What do you typically order to drink at your favorite coffee shop?
Favorite Furniture Store
Favorite Hobbies
Favorite Restaurant
Favorite Snacks
Favorite Sport Teams
Anything else you want us to know?
THANK YOU!! We look forward to meeting you soon.
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