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Little Owls and Orchards
This survey is intended for UK orchard owners. Thank you. Little Owls like to nest and hunt in traditional orchards; they mainly eat worms, earwigs, beetles, spiders, moths and small mammals. They hunt on bare ground, in short and rough grassland, and along hedgerows, and they nest in pre-existing hollows. Managing orchards for Little Owls may increase and maintain habitat heterogeneity and biodiversity, which could help to support your local Little Owls. We’re keen to gauge interest in a potential Little Owl and Orchards Project (LOOP). We'd like orchard owners to carry out a simple survey for Little Owls, to erect and monitor a Little Owl nest box, and we’d give advice on how to manage orchard habitat for invertebrates and small mammals. There would be a limited number of free Little Owl nest boxes available to anyone who'd like to join in.
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