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2019 MLSFB Spring Feedback Survey
Thanks for taking the time to fill out this survey. The goal is to gather feedback from current and former players of the MLS Fantasy Manager game and then provide that feedback to MLS before the 2020 season starts.

This survey is divided into 5 sections. All sections after #1 are optional. Please complete as much or as little of the survey as you would like.

1. General Player Information
2. Game Feedback
3. Quality of Fantasy Resources
4. Feedback on Player Suggested Changes
5. Final Thoughts for any other feedback that was not requested

Several questions are required but many are also optional. You are welcome to provide negative feedback, but please keep feedback constructive as this is a time for us to provide valuable feedback as to what drives player interest in the MLS Fantasy game.

One final note, this survey is 100% fan-generated and does not reflect any official thoughts or opinions of MLS.


Is this your first MLS Fantasy season? *
What Country do you currently live in? *
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What type of fantasy player would you consider yourself to be? *
How much time do you spend building your MLS Fantasy team each week? *
Which other fantasy games do you play? Check all that apply. *
Do you participate in Daily Fantasy games or sports betting? *
What do you like most about other fantasy games that you have played?
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What do you like least about other fantasy games that you have played?
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How would you compare the MLS Fantasy game to other fantasy games you play?
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Do you watch more MLS games because of MLS Fantasy? *
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