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Sports Performance Coach- Revolution Sports Performance
Location: Winter Garden, FL
Full Time, Salary
Wage: DOE (Base plus Commission)

Our team helps athletes improve strength, power, speed, and movement quality in a manner that easily translates onto the playing field. We are always looking to improve our training methods by constantly learning and self evaluating.

The Performance Trainer will report directly to the Director of Sports Performance to guarantee all programs are being executed at the highest standard. Communication between all team members is crucial to ensure each athlete has the best chance for success.

RSP is looking for trainers who are:

Eager to learn
Open minded
Puts the athlete ahead of his/her ego
Self aware
Able to apply movement and strength exercises to assist a skill issue

As you prove yourself as a competent, organized employee, you will be give more responsibilities and freedom.

Job Responsibilities:

-Connect with the athletes on a personal level
-Assess and evaluate athletes
-Develop strength and conditioning programs based on the evaluation and the goals of the athlete
-Oversee and instruct small group and team training sessions
-Demonstrate proper technique for exercises
-Correct form during training sessions
-Market the company and yourself to potential clients
-Produce relevant content for YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Job Requirements:

-Ability to connect and communicate with middle school, high school, college, and professional athletes and parents
-Attention to detail
-Promote a positive gym environment
-Proficient with Microsoft Office
-High Emotional IQ

Candidates applying for this position should be able to lift up to 100 pounds unassisted repeatedly throughout the workday. Also, the job requires frequent walking around, standing for long periods of time, demonstrating and assisting with exercise, and rotational movements like throwing and hitting.

Preferred Qualifications:
-In-depth understanding of the baseball swing and throwing motion
-Bachelor or Master's in Exercise Science or related program
-CSCS or similar certification

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