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Dai Vernon Foundation Young Magician Scholarship Application
Dai Vernon strongly believed in the advancement of young magicians. In furthering the wishes of our benefactor, the Dai Vernon Foundation sponsors Young Magician Scholarships enabling promising young magicians to further their magic education. These scholarships are intended for participation in recognized magic programs. Young Magician Scholarships are not available for individual instruction or financing development of an act directly.

You will need the following to complete the application:
- A Personal Statement detailing your involvement with magic
- Two References (not related to you) familiar with your magic experience
- Your Parent or Legal Guardian's Permission

Any questions regarding the application may be addressed to:
Applicant Name (First and Last) *
Applicant Date of Birth *
Applicant Email Address
Parent / Guardian Name *
Parent/Guardian Email Address *
Mailing Address *
Street, City, State, Zip
Contact Phone Number *
Program/Camp Attending *
Please indicate which program the Scholarship will be used to fund (ie. Tannen's Magic Camp, etc)
Education and Experience
High School
School Name, City, and State are required. Please provide current GPA, if available.
Middle School
School Name, City, and State are required.. Please provide current GPA, if available.
Magic Experience
Please detail any professional or charity performances, magic educational experiences, and/or magic association affiliations (SYM, Magic Castle Junior Program, etc).
Awards and Honors
List any academic, campus, and/or community awards, and/or honors.
Volunteer Activities
List volunteer and social activities in which you have participated within the past two years. Include approximate dates and level of participation.
Personal Statement & References
Please tell us about yourself, your aspirations and why you are applying to the Young Magician Scholarship Program. Please include information on how you plan to use this experience professionally, as well as to outreach and build interest in magic within the Youth Community.
* Please limit yourself to no more than 2 pages typed.

PARENTS: We ask that the applicant principally write the statement themselves. We like to hear our potential scholar's passion in their own voice.
Personal References *
Please provide the names and contact information for 2 references who are not related to you. These individuals should be familiar with you, your magic experience, and your community involvement.
Background Survey
The following information is OPTIONAL and will not impact your application in any way. This survey is only used to evaluate our outreach efforts and understand how we can better fulfill the mission of the Foundation.
How did you hear about the Dai Vernon Foundation Scholarship Program?
How long have you been interested in magic?
Clear selection
Do you have a parent or close relative interested or involved with magic?
Clear selection
Parental Permission Form
Please download the Permission Form linked below and have the form signed by your parent or legal guardian. Please send the signed, scanned form via email to or via USPS to: Dai Vernon Foundation, 11333 Moorpark #22; Studio City, CA, 91602
Submit Application
All decisions of the selection committee are final and confidential. Applications become the property of the Dai Vernon Foundation, Inc.
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