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SuMO IV: The Migration
This registration form is for the tournament to be held at Roane State Community College in Oak Ridge (TN) on June 30, 2018.

This tournament will be a true open event, which means that the only requirements to participate are that you have the registration fees and a pulse.

The tournament will also be "mixed doubles," which means that participants will not register as teams, but as pairs. If you would like to register multiple players, please submit multiple individual registration responses for each pair of players. Pairs will draw numbers at check in on the day of the tournament. Then, each pair will be paired with another pair. This means that players will likely be competing on teams with other players they've never met or even players they've admired silently from afar.

The tournament set will be SSNCT 2018.

We will have a hard cap of 30 teams, which means that we will allow for about 60 pairs. We will take pairs in excess of 60, but these pairs will be placed on a waiting list.

Speaking of workers, We're going to need some moderators. We can't host a tournament without workers; you guys know that. The registration cost per pair is $50. Pairs may collect a $5 discount for bringing a buzzer and a $10 discount for bringing a dedicated moderator. Lunch will not be provided, but ample time will be allowed to eat off campus or bring food to campus.

At the meeting during the morning teams will be formed and placed into RR flights (the number of flights will, of course, be determined by the number of teams). After the RR, we'll take the top teams (at least 2) from each flight and place them in the Championship bracket. The other teams will be placed in consolation brackets based upon where they placed in their division. WE WILL HAVE A DEFINITIVE WINNER BY THE END OF THE PLAYOFFS.

Half of the registration fees will be placed in the prize pool and divided up 50%-30%-20% for the top three prizes, which means first place will be $750, second place will be $450, and third place will be $300 if and when we hit our cap of 120 players. What's left over of the other half of the registration fees after we pay out tournament costs will be donated to
East Tennessee Quiz Bowl.

Registration deadline is June 25, 2018. You may bring cash or checks on the day of the tournament. An informational email will be sent out at the registration deadline.
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