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Pulp 2019 Community Survey
Thank you for taking our survey. At the end of the survey there is a link to get free Pulp gear (t-shirt, socks, stickers, etc).

None of the questions are required but any feedback you can contribute is helpful in improving Pulp.
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What do you use Pulp for? What kind of workflows?
Where does your content come from and how do you get it into Pulp (e.g. sync/upload/etc)?
Which existing Pulp plugins do you use?
Which plugin is Pulp missing and you would like to see developed?
Are there any things you find that make Pulp to difficult to operate? Or would any potential feature(s) make it easier to run and maintain Pulp?
Do you rely on the CLI or API? Why?
How big is your /var/lib/pulp directory? (You can get this by running "du -sh /var/lib/pulp/")
What type of storage do you use for /var/lib/pulp (e.g. NFS)?
Would you be interested in using Amazon S3 or some other storage service backend?
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Do you horizontally scale (cluster) Pulp and if so which components?
How often do you upgrade Pulp?
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What MongoDB version are you using?
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