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Palestine Marathon 2018
Run away with ABCD Bethlehem and the Palestine Marathon 2018, March 21st-25th
Why the Palestine Marathon?
It’s the chance for an adventure…
… and an opportunity to peak round the door of the workings of an international charity which enhances the lives of children with disabilities and their families across Palestine.
What are we offering you?
• A life-changing insight into the lives of Palestinians living in the West Bank
• Support running the Palestine Marathon, which has been recently recognised by the International Association of Athletics Federation
• A tour of Jerusalem, one of the most incredible cities in the world.
• The exceptional chance to visit our partners in Beit Jala and Jalazone and Nour Shams Refugee Camps.
• Specialist insurance cover, tailored to the region
What do we ask of you?
• That you pledge to raise £500 towards the work of ABCD Bethlehem
• Pay the entrance fee ($10-$70), accommodation (c. £200-£250), and a return flight to Tel Aviv (c. £500), all of which we will advise you on.
What’s the next step?
• Join the ABCD Team by filling out the form below
• Contact us with any queries
• Spread the word, so that everyone can join the ABCD Team!
If you would like to join the team, please fill out the booking form (which starts at the bottom of this page) to register.
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