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Please, do not apply if you certainly do not qualify. We are looking for political editors for the main site

Becoming an editor at Affinity is an amazing opportunity. The website reaches millions and has been featured on many sites such as Huffington Post. Although this isn't paid ,you will learn a ton of skills that will help you parlay into a professional writing career.

You must be able to pay attention to grammar and details. Must have experience editing. Must be able to edit everyday or every other day. If you can't adhere to these requirements, don't apply. You must be older than 16.

For current Affinity writers:

This means, if you have not submitted one article a week as a writer, you don't qualify. As editor you have to edit MANY articles a week. If submitting one article a week is overwhelming for you, then editor isn't for you.

Second, if your articles are filled with grammatical mistakes, including paragraphing. Don't apply

If you simply do not have time, don't apply.

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