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Request for Sacramental Certificates
In order to locate your Sacramental Certificate, please answer the following questions:
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Date of Birth
Reason for Request. (Please note that if you need the Long Form for marriage or annulment and you were not baptized at St. Luke, St. Joseph or Our Lady of Mercy, you must contact the church where you were baptized for your Baptismal Long Form Certificate. We cannot provide it.)
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When is certificate needed by? If for a wedding, when is the wedding date?
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Sometimes the ledger is hard to read. Let's get some additional information...
Father's Name
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Godparents/Sponsors' Names (if known)
Certificates do not scan/fax well as the church seal does not show up. Where can we mail the certificate? PLEASE NOTE: Baptismal certificates for weddings are mailed directly to the church where the wedding is being held or to the person officiating. Please provide that mailing information. *
Any other information you feel we need to know to locate the sacramental record(s)?
Generally, requests for sacramental records are completed within a week.
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