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Cost Share Program
LRCD Mission: It is the mission of Laramie Rivers Conservation District to provide leadership for the
conservation of Albany County's soil, water, and all other natural resources; preserve and enhance wildlife habitat; protect the tax base; and promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of Albany county through responsible conservation ethic.
LRCD Currently offers cost share programs to encourage landowners to put conservation practices on the ground or gain or share information related to our county’s natural resources.
We would like your feedback regarding how we prioritize and spend these public funds.
Where do you reside?
Rural Cost Share Program: $45,000 budgeted “for conservation practices that make a positive difference on the land at more of a landscape scale, such rotational grazing (electric and cross-fencing), wildlife friendly fencing, water distribution for livestock to distribute grazing, improved biodiversity and habitat (fencing out sensitive areas forestry), control of invasive species, stream bank restoration, other NRCS recognized best land management practices.
Please rate the following rural conservation practices on the 1-5 scale: 1 = least important 5 = very important
Conservation Practice *
Grazing distribution - fencing
Grazing distribution - solar stock tanks
Wildlife Habitat projects
Invasive Species (weeds) projects
Stream Restoration
Irrigation Diversions
Aquifer Protection
Other projects that should be added?
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Projects that should not be on the list?
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Regular Cost Share: $16,000 budgeted - reimbursement up to $1000 for living snow fence/windbreak, urban agriculture (garden beds), low-impact landscapes, water or other natural resource conservation, wildlife habitat, community beautification, conservation education/outreach, hoop-house/season extension, junk removal/concealment.
Please rate the following regular conservation practices on a 1-5 scale. 1 = least important 5 = very important
Living snow fence/windbreaks
Xeriscaping/low-impact landscaping
Garden Infrastruction - raised beds, etc
Season extenders (hoop house, geodome, etc)
Efficient landscape irrigation
Wildlife habitat
Community beautification projects
Junk removal/concealment
Conservation education programs
Other conservation projects we should add?
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Conservation practices that should not be on this list?
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Additional Comments
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