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BWHS 2019/20 Parking Pass Request
Due to the demand of the parking spaces by the junior class, until further notice, additional sophomore passes will NOT be sold.

Students without a parking pass will need to park in the lot at the bottom of the hill by the softball field or up by the wrestling room/band practice field.
New for 2019/20
Due to the rise of student population and demand for parking passes the following will be the procedure for the 2019-2020 school year:

Seniors: SOLD OUT

Juniors: SOLD OUT

Sophomores: Limited spots available

**Half day DACC students and CCP students still need to purchase a parking pass. Rates will be adjusted.

Driving Regulations (Board Policy 5515)
The use of a motor vehicle in driving to and from school is a privilege and not a right.
Students who drive to school must have a parking permit form filed in the office, pay
the parking fee and display a parking permit. Failure to follow these rules may result
in suspension of parking privileges or other disciplinary action. The rules for
obtaining & keeping parking privileges are as follows:

1 - The student must have a legitimate reason for driving.

2 - The student must have a valid driver’s license.

3 - He/she must have liability insurance.

4 - Students must observe a 20 MPH speed limit while on school grounds.

5 - The parking permit application must be signed by the driver’s parents granting
the driver permission to use the car to drive to and from school.

6 - At no time during the school day will students be permitted to visit or loiter in their
cars while in the parking lot.

7 - All motor vehicles must be parked in designated student parking areas. Do not park
in areas designated for staff, visitors, or the handicapped.

8 - The driver is responsible to see that his/her driving is in keeping with all state and
local laws and regulations.
9 - Cars should be locked. The school is not liable for theft and vandalism.

10 - The parking permit is to be displayed on the inside rear-view mirror face out.

11 - Parking permits must not be transferred to another student.

12 - The improper operation of an automobile on school grounds can result in the
removal of the privilege to park on school grounds, or a referral to the police.

13 - Cars are to be parked in an orderly manner, one car per space.

14 - Students are not permitted to smoke in cars when on school grounds.

15 - Students may use the Big Walnut Intermediate School parking lot to enter the high
school parking lot until 7:28am. After 7:28am, students must enter the high school
via Old 3C Highway.

16 - Driving through or parking on grassy areas is prohibited.

17 - Unregistered or illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed or towed at the owner’s

18 - It is the right of the administration to revoke any student’s driving privileges due
to excessive absences without a legitimate excuse.

19 - Any violation of the regulations governing the student parking lot will mean
ticketing ($10.00 per offense), disciplinary action, revocation of the parking permit,
towing of the vehicle at the owner’s expense, or any combination of consequences.

20 - Students found in violation of the alcohol/drug policy in addition to the regular
discipline, will have driving privileges suspended/revoked.

21 - Students must not display profane, violent, suggestive, racially intimidating or
offensive material in or on vehicles parked on property.

Running Errands
Students will not be excused from school to run errands that could be completed before
or after school hours. An absence from school for running errands will be considered

Closed Lunch
There is a closed lunch policy at Big Walnut High School. In general, students are not
permitted to leave school grounds for lunch. Any student at lunch time or at any other
time must secure permission from the principal to leave the school grounds. This
permission will not be granted without a note from the parent. Permission to go home
for lunch will be granted upon the written request of the parents to the principal,
provided the student lives close enough to walk home for lunch and to return within
the allotted time. Students who have written permission to go home for lunch must sign
out. A student must go to his/her own home for lunch. A student may have this privilege
revoked for misbehavior or other violations. This rule also applies to students 18 years
and older.

Student Information Form
The following is to be completed by Big Walnut High School students who would like to purchase a parking pass for the 2019/20 school year. The parking pass request process is as follows:

1 - Student completes BWHS 2019/20 Parking Pass Request Form.

2 - BWHS Administrator will approve the students request on an individual basis.

3 - Student must go online through to pay $35.00 for their parking pass. The fee will appear as an optional fee on the students account. Fees may be adjusted for half-time DACC students and/or mid-year purchase. Note: When the maximum amount of parking passes have been sold, the fee will no longer be an option in Payschools Central. Students will be unable to purchase a pass.

4 - Student will receive an email when parking pass can be picked up from Mrs. Mahle in the BWHS office.
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