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Ujima Men's Collective's Protege Project
Protege Project Protege Application
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If you agree to become a protege, you will be asked to agree to the following basic requirements:  To be mentored as a Protege, you will be asked to make a minimum commitment of one year with openness to continue in the relationship on a long-term basis. *
To attend a 2 hour Protege Orientation and Training before you will be considered for a one-on-one match with a Black same gender loving mentor. *
To maintain weekly contact with your mentor either in person or by phone. *
To maintain monthly phone contact with our Program Coordinator the Ujima Men's Collective Protege Project. *
I understand the Ujima Men's Collective reserves the right to accept or decline proteges based on the information gathered. For reasons of confidentiality Ujima Men's Collective will not share this information or reasons of denial with any applicant. *
I agree to be dedicated and dependable in receiving assistance from my Black same gender loving mentor to achieve success in my professional, spiritual, educational and emotional developmental pursuits. *
Please describe any special interests that may be helpful in matching you and your Mentor (i.e. stamp collecting, roller skating, computers, football, music, painting, etc.): *
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