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We Support SAFE Divestment
We are calling for the University of Michigan to divest from any and all companies that presently, or in the future, profit off of the human rights violations against Israel and that aid in the occupation and apartheid system that Israel maintains against the Palestinians. Currently, the university is invested in Boeing, HP, United Technologies and HP and have previously been invested in Caterpillar, Heidelberg Cement, and General Electric. The following outlines some examples of the crimes in which the University of Michigan is investing in:

BOEING “has been a major supplier of the F-15 Eagle and the AH-64 Apache attack helicopters to Israel. These aircrafts have been used to attack Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, resulting in many civilian casualties. Boeing makes missile systems, F-15 software, Apache Helicopters, and Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM), a guided air-to-surface weapon”

HP facilitates the occupation and Israel's system of apartheid by providing technological infrastructure to maintain this system. HP provides the technology for Israel's biometric scanning system used at checkpoints and at the apartheid wall as well as providing Israel with the naval technology to enforce the siege on Gaza. ​

G4S “provides security systems for prisons for Palestinian political prisoners in Israel and in the West Bank” in which Palestinian prisoners are regularly tortured, as documented by various human rights groups "

UNITED TECHNOLOGIES “produces Blackhawk helicopters which are used by the Israeli military to attack Palestinian cities, refugee camps and villages. Many civilians have been killed in these attacks”.

As our University remains invested in these companies, we as students are complicit in the perpetuation of these human rights violations. Do not let the University of Michigan invest in oppression and apartheid.

Peace and Solidarity,

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