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Survey on the Junior/Senior Professional Relationships
We are all part of a challenging graduate life, some of us are at the very beginning, some of us are about to complete it. During this graduate life, everyone faces loads of problems with their experiments, projects, deadlines, funds, scholarships…and so on. Apart from these, other “variables” in our working place can further complicate our graduate life. We believe so many researchers do not fully realize the impact mentoring can have, both on the career development of others as well as of their own. We all have been and will be influenced by the mentoring we receive and give, whether we are fully aware of it or not. For early career investigators, it is especially important to meet the “right” people! If you are feeling that you are on the same boat as well, take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire. Your opinion matters and it is really important so that we can get an overview of the current junior/senior situation among our peers! The survey is completely anonymous but at the end we will share the survey results at the next EuPA YPIC Mentoring Day, EuPA GC Meeting and the results will also be posted on our Facebook account. The survey is online for 1 month starting from October, 24 2018 and will end on November, 26 2018. We are looking forward to receiving your responses.
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The country where you work is
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Are you a YPIC and/or EuPA member?
What is your field of expertise? (E.g. literature, proteomics, genomics, economics,...)
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Your position has been funded by/from
Who is your direct thesis/research supervisor?
What is the frequency of your personal contact (face to face) with your supervisor?
The communication between you and your supervisor on topics related to your career progress is clear and frequent.
strongly disagree
Strongly agree
How would you define supervisor's communication style? (for more explanation click here and
How would you rate the supervision you receive.
very poor
Do you have freedom to think along and decide on the experimental flow?
In general, project goals, proposed experimental workflow and PI's expectations were explained in detail to me.
strongly disagree
strongly agree
Do you present your experimental results to your supervisor?
Do you have freedom to plan your work schedule as it suits you?
Is your supervisor making you do additional work (that you did not sign up for)?
How much time do you spend on doing things that are not mentioned in your contract? (% as an average over the whole year)
What type of jobs you are asked to do apart from your project work?
How much of your working hours you spend teaching younger students if this is mentioned as one of your responsibilities in job contract? (% as an average over the whole year)
How frequently do you do something without proper acknowledgement from your supervisor?
Does your supervisor provide necessary funds for your participation at conferences/workshops...
Do you have a co-supervisor (co-supervisors)?
Select what is true in your case. My co-supervisor (co-supervisors)
Apart from a supervisor do you have an additional mentor? (Supervisor is often task-oriented (e.g., completion of a thesis or dissertation) whereas mentor is more about caring for an individual’s long-term development (Acker, 2011).
Regarding your additional mentor
Mentor helps...
Do you have a confidentiality person to talk to at University/Institute?
Have you already used a possibility to talk to a confidentiality person?
Has talking to confidentiality person help resolve your job/supervisor related problems/dilemmas?
Have you ever experienced some kind of power abuse that was not mentioned in our survey?
In your case did power abuse ever tip over to become sexual harassment (for additional explanation click
Have you ever witnessed workplace intimidation or sexual harassment behavior in your professional surroundings?
If yes, were you an active bystander ( click here for additional explanation )
Do you feel like the power balance with your peers is correct?
Thank you for participating in this survey. If you have something else to share with us please don't hesitate to fill this box...
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