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D103 Volunteer Registration For School Year 2017-2018
There is no better way to stay involved in your child's education than through volunteering. Period. Show your student how important school is by coming to his/her classroom. Meet his/her classmates. Talk to other parents. Meet the teacher and school administration. We can go on and on about it:) Volunteering is what we believe in and you should too! Sign up to volunteer and we will contact you when time comes.


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Picture Day Volunteers (Fall)
Volunteers assist the photographers and students (approximately one hour) in October. Help our little ones smile their best smile for the camera by being there as a supportive chaperone!
Sprague Room Parents (all year)
Assist as a liaison between your child's teachers and parents as it relates to holiday parties and organizing parents volunteers for class-specific activities, such as Rivershire and field trip chaperones. Also, help the PTO spread the word about more general District volunteer needs by keeping in communication with your class parents.
Sprague Library Aides (all year, flexible days)
Assist the Librarian with various tasks, such as shelving books and helping students find books to check out, during days and times convenient for you.
Sprague Author Visits (2-3 times a year)
Assist with Author Visits as your schedule allows.
Sprague Game Night (winter)
Assist with organizing this social event for students and their parents on a cold wintry evening, when we all suffer from cabin fever and want to get together with D103 families!
Sprague Kids Day Out (March)
During one of District's Days off, PTO throws a party for our Sprague students, so that they can get together with their school friends for two hours of fun and socializing! We need parents to help welcome the families and assist the day of the event.
Sprague Teacher Appreciation Week (May)
Volunteer to help our kids show sincere appreciation for their teachers by helping execute fun and meaningful activities during this special week.
Half Day Room Parents (all year)
Assist as a liaison between your chlid's teachers and parents as it relates to holiday parties and organizing parents volunteers for class-specific activities, such as Rivershire and field trip chaperones. Also, help the PTO spread the word about more general District volunteer needs by keeping in communication with your class parents.
Half Day Indoor Recess Assistance (cold/rainy days)
Students enjoy indoor recess in their classrooms, playing independently under your watchful eye. The shift is from 12:00pm to 1:00pm, and includes both 3rd and 4th grade recess. You'll love being able to observe your child and their peers in a relaxed setting. Checking the box below places you on the general volunteer list. You will have the opportunity to pick your shifts according to your schedule on a Sign Up Genius, and you'll only volunteer on cold or rainy days.
Half Day 5th Grade Fraction Cafe (January)
Help make Math FUN with this half-day program in the spring. Some fifth grade parents are needed to help shop and prepare fruit and other ingredients, but most who volunteer for this committee will spend half a day helping teachers and students with the planned math activities. Volunteering for the 5th grade fraction café is a great way to witness and participate in fun classroom collaboration between PTO and our teachers.
Half Day 5th grade Colonial Day (February)
Help the 5th grade students learn about the Early American colonies, their people, and contributions through a one-day, hands-on extravaganza. Students will be able to: make their own candles, create craft paper quilling designs, use a quill and ink, make a design by punching tin, make butter and much more. We need lots of parents to help run stations!
Explore the Arts Day/Fine Arts Day (February)
This one-day event in the spring exposes students to a variety of fine arts. Parent volunteers are needed to help supervise sessions or share any talents they may have in the fine arts.
Half Day 3rd grade Chicago World's Fair (April)
Students get the opportunity to attend a scaled-down simulation of Chicago's World Fair - World’s Columbian Exposition of 1892, thanks to PTO volunteers like you. A few of you will be asked to help plan and coordinate the different "buildings" that were setup for the Fair. But mainly, volunteers are needed on the “day of” the event to help run the buildings, photograph the event, share cultural background and man the Midway.
Half Day 4th grade Illinois State Fair (May)
The Illinois State Fair comes to the 4th Grade every year, thanks to PTO volunteers who set up interactive booths, exhibits and information which helps bring their Illinois State unit of study to life! The booths will focus on the manufacturing, recreational, government and agricultural resources of Illinois. Also, there’s an opportunity to work in the classrooms at the school that week to supervise Illinois related crafts, activities and games that week. EVERYONE ENJOYS A STATE FAIR!!
Half Day Teacher Appreciation Week (May)
Volunteer to help our kids show sincere appreciation for their Half Day teachers by helping execute fun and meaningful activities that week.
DW 6th, 7th or 8th Grade Level Coordinator (all year)
Grade level coordinators and are responsible for coordinating parents as volunteer needs arise within that specific grade. There are no Room Parents for these grades, just the Grade Level Coordinator position.
DW Locker Assistance Days (August)
During the days right before school starts, DW opens up for students to get a head start on practicing their locker combinations and organizing their lockers! The exact days and shift times will be given in early August.
DW 6th Grade Dance Lesson Chaperone (January/February)
A few lucky parents will chaperone social dance lessons for 6th grade boys and girls on Friday nights in January and February. Duties consist of helping students sign in at the beginning of the lesson and waiting until all students are picked up at the end of the lesson. This volunteer shift is a unique window of opportunity to watch how 6th graders handles themselves in a formal, social setting that involves the opposite gender! It’s heart-warming and fascinating all at the same time.
DW Library Support (all year, flexible days)
DW PTO/D103 Music Boosters Pizza Lunch Volunteer (all year, flexible days)
Place yourself on the general e-mail list to serve pizza and/or be a lead volunteer on a few Wednesdays during the year at DW as part of this shared PTO/D103 Music Boosters Fundraiser.
DW - Front Office Desk Assistance (all year, flexible schedule)
Help with front desk duties during the school day. Parents will sign up for shifts to help answer the DW front office phone, run items to students that have been dropped off, and help make copies, among other small tasks.
DW 6th Grade Lighted Schoolhouse (winter and spring)
Volunteers are needed to chaperone two Lighted Schoolhouse after school parties, held on Friday afternoons. This is a fun event for the students, taking place after regular school hours. The students will be able to experience school in a social setting, developing interpersonal skills while having a great time. There are open gyms with organized games and a DJ. The program is for the 6th graders from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
DW 6th Grade Spring Fling (May)
Volunteer to take a shift to chaperone and assist in this end of year outdoor fun and games celebration for our 6th graders!
DW - Teacher Appreciation Week (May)
Volunteer during that week to help our kids show sincere appreciation for their Daniel Wright teachers by helping execute fun and meaningful activities.
DW 8th Grade Graduation Dance Committee (May)
DW 8th Grade Graduation (June)
Assist the Hospitality team in serving refreshments at 8th Grade Graduation at Stevenson High School in June 2016. Perfect for 6th/7th grade parents who want to see what graduation is all about!
These opportunities allow our parents to get involved in all grades and across three schools.
PTO Book Fair (November)
PTO Fall Book Fair, held at all three schools during Parent Teacher Conferences, is a spirited celebration of District 103, its students and reading! As a volunteer, you might assist at the start of the school year with the planning process and publicity (making/hanging posters) or simply helping on the day of the event by welcoming families, helping students find the books of their choices and assisting parents in purchasing the carefully chosen items.
PTO Run for D103 5K (May)
Help with this great annual fundraiser. It's a fun community event promoting healthy lifestyle to share with your friends and family while raising money to benefit our District!
PTO Hospitality (all year, various times)
This special PTO committee organizes events that bring families and teachers closer together throughout the year.
PTO Health and Safety
These wonderful programs for 5th and 8th graders foster communication about difficult subjects like hygiene, body changes, respecting others, the importance of communicating with your parents (5th grade), and the transition to high school, dating, peer pressure and sexuality (8th grade). These are very important topics that the speakers will help parents to broach with their pre-teens as they enter crucial times in their lives.
PTO Parent Education
Assist with coordinating and/or executing Parent Education events!
PTO Welcome Committee and D103 Family Information Fair!
Help reach out to families that are new to the district.
The Learning Fund Foundation is an independent, collaborative, not-for-profit organization, led by a volunteer Board, to raise additional financial resources for School District 103 and serve as a catalyst for innovation, enrichment and educational excellence. The primary focus for the past six years has been on STEM-related (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education through improvements in classroom laboratories, materials and technology.

The Learning Fund Foundation also provides three college Scholarships each year for D103 graduates and supports educational programing, training, student science activities, and community outreach.

For more information, please visit our website at

Volunteer Opportunities for the Current LFF Science Initiative
Opportunities for Your Involvement
District 103 Music Boosters supports ALL of the music programs in District 103 for grades kindergarten- eighth. If your children attend D103, we support them! We provide both financial and volunteer support for general music, orchestra, chorus, and band programs. We need assistance with fundraiser and support activities throughout the year. We are a small and fun group - come join us! For more information visit our website at
Help out by collecting orders in October and distributing cookie dough when it arrives in November. This is another great “one and done” opportunity.
We have our annual Plant Sale at Didier Farms as well as occasional fundraisers at nearby restaurants, and need assistance with scheduling these events and coordinating with these wonderful businesses who are so supportive of our community.
We support our music programs by providing various treats and volunteers to serve them, at the music teachers’ request. If you have to be at work in the mornings, you can help out with our early morning (6:50-7:40am) events.
We are looking for some help with collecting orders and distributing cards when they arrive. Help with one sale, help with all sales, your call. You won’t believe how fun it is to sort and package all those cards!
D103 Music Boosters BOX TOPS PROGRAM
Those little box tops on your food and school supply items are worth 10 cents each, and we collect and process more of those little things than you can imagine. Help our terrific program coordinator cut, count, and package - whenever your schedule allows.
D103 Music Boosters COMMUNICATIONS
We have so much to tell our school community about! Help support all our programs by doing website (Weebly) updates, creating flyers, and writing blurbs for district newsletters. TIming of this job is very flexible, and much of this work can be done in advance, thus eliminating those pesky deadlines. Best of all, the elements of this job can easily be shared...Many hands make light work!
D103 Music Boosters MARKETING
Help us get the word out about our organization by representing Music Boosters at various district events: Curriculum nights, D103 Family Information Fair, and musical performances.
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