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Red Hook Local Leaders 2018
Local Leaders participants are required to attend ALL trainings. In case of emergency, Local Leaders are permitted to miss one training if approved by Tevina Willis.
Additional absences will result in either termination from the program or reduction in stipend.
Food will be provided at all trainings.
Trainings will take place on Wednesday evenings between 5:30 pm and 9pm (most trainings end by 8:30pm).
Training beings June 6th and ends August 10th. Graduation will take place on August 10th
Local Leaders will be asked to participate in one outside trip to Office of Emergency Management in Downtown Brooklyn (travel expenses paid).

Trainings will include:
Individual and Family Preparedness
Climate Change
Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Heat and Health Preparedness
And more!

Upon completion of the program, Local Leaders receive a $300 stipend on 8/10

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