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PixieRust Staff Application
This is the staff application for All PixieRust servers. Please answer all questions, and submit your application at the end. Not all applications will be accepted, also do not message an admin/moderator to look at your application. If you are accepted you will receive an email, or a friend request on steam.
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First and Last name please.
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Age *
We prefer our staff to be at least 16+, you can still apply if you are below this age.
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Steam Account *
Your steam account will look something like this -
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Discord Account *
This is what your discord account will look like - MisterPixie#6911.
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Hours on Rust *
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Time on PixieRust *
This must be in hours.
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Have you ever been a staff member on a different server? And which one? *
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Why do you want to be staff on PixieRust? *
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What can you provide that others cannot? *
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Do you know the rules? *
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