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Milwaukee Freedom Fund: Help Request
Filling out this form gives us all the information we need to pay bail or other expenses and follow up. Additional information can be found here:, including info for Kenosha and Wauwatosa.

Some protesters are arrested and then released. The Milwaukee Freedom Fund cannot pay bail unless the person is processed, bail set and they do not have a hold on them. We cannot go to the precinct, we are not lawyers, we will do our best to help.

Arrested Protester?
Step 1. Locate them- You can usually find an arrested person by calling the station or searching the inmate search. The numbers for all the districts in Milwaukee are here: Or you can try looking for them here: or call here: County Non-Emergency Number (414) 278-4788 and ask for information about an inmate. It can take a couple hours for them to show up on the inmate search.
Step. 2. If they need bail over $200 or help with a ticket or reaching a lawyer- fill out this form. If their bail is less than $200 it can be faster to put money in their account through Touchpay. Instructions for Touchpay are included here:

If you request bail and have not heard from us by 10AM (it takes a minute to get through everyone) email us at Sometimes information for phone numbers or emails are off and we struggle to reach people.

The Milwaukee Freedom Fund DOES NOT have the capacity respond overnight but we will respond in the morning when we start the bail process. We generally pay bail between 9am and 8pm.

Questions? Email us at
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Is this person in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha or Wauwatosa? *
Was the arrest or ticket connected to protesting in support of Black Lives in Wisconsin? *
How was this arrest/ticket connected to protesting? Important note: If someone is still in jail and they call you or you visit-DO NOT TALK ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED. That can be used as evidence against them.
What kind of help do you need? *
Is this person still in jail? Please refer to the top for ways to locate an arrested protester. *
Is their bail/bond over $200? *
If this person is still in jail, what county were they arrested in? or where are they being held? *
LEGAL First Name of Arrested or Ticketed Person *
LEGAL Last Name of Arrested or Ticketed Person *
If they use another name, what is it?
Birthdate of Arrested or Ticketed Person *
Number and/or email address of the arrested person. *
Name and email address for contact person outside of jail? *
Phone number for contact person outside of jail ? *
Arrest/Ticket Date
What is the zipcode where arrested or ticketed person lives? *
Can someone give this person a ride home? or coordinate one?
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