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Support a $30M Increase in Funding for Culture
'I Am NYC Culture' is a citywide campaign to increase funding for arts and culture across all New York City communities. This campaign is comprised of diverse members of the arts and cultural community from all five boroughs, including both Cultural Institutions Group member organizations and Program Groups, along with arts and culture supporters from other sectors. We are focused on increased access to experiencing and creating arts and culture across the city; expanding arts and cultural education; and supporting workforce development and diversity in the arts and cultural sector.

Please join us in asking for a $30 million increase in the city’s funding for the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) to be equally divided between the CIGs and the CDF (Cultural Development Fund). Such an increase would allow the DCLA to increase financial support for currently funded organizations---including many underfunded groups; grow funding for arts councils to offer re-grants to individual artists, and add new funding that would increase cultural equity by supporting a wider array of arts and culture groups across all five boroughs.

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