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Reincarnation of Media Art: The three questions
The artist group exonemo (, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM), and the WRO Art Center together present the exhibition ”Reincarnation of Media Art,” which after the premiere at YCAM for its 15th anniversary takes place at the WRO Art Center in the program of the Media Art Biennale WRO 2019 running in its 30th anniversary year under the title of CZYNNIK LUDZKI / HUMAN ASPECT.

This special exhibition consisting of „dead” art works, audio guide for the audience, interviews with artists and the questionnaire, serves as a tool for researching the mysterious power of art. We use the questionnaire about life expectancy and future of artists' works, originally elaborated by exonemo during their research for the Reincarnation of Media Art at YCAM, to collect the artists' opinions about durability and fragility of (media) art in the context of the WRO 2019 Biennale.
The questions from the questionnaire will be asked when conducting the video interviews with the participants of WRO 2019. Edited conversations, continuously added to the exhibition at the WRO Art Center, will enrich its scope and meaning.

All artists participating in the Biennale WRO 2019 CZYNNIK LUDZKI / HUMAN ASPECT and the artists who have collaborated with WRO before: Please take few minutes to answer the attached questions.

Thank you very much!

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Do you think about the life-span of your own works? If you do, please elaborate on your thoughts.
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Assuming you can time travel, in what way would you like to re-encounter your works 100 years from now?
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As there exist various definitions of “death” in the case of a human being, how exactly would you define the state of “death” of an artwork?
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If you have other comments or requests, please feel free to share them.
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