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Mid-Year Conference 2018 (8-11 June @ Camp Manoah)
Welcome to the sign up form for the Mid-Year Conference of 'The Bible Talks'! The Conference will be held from 8-11 June at Camp Manoah near Richmond.

MYC 2018: God's Mission!

Are you in?

* 5 main talks on God's Mission
* 2 main talks on faith from Hebrews 11
* 2 of 3 electives: Is Christianity a white man's religion?; Is there a hole in our holiness?; The man who God used to end slavery.
* Organised team activities; free time; yummy food; movie night; bonfire night
* Time with old friends, and new!

Above all: God-willing seeing you grown and matured in your knowledge and love of our great God and his plans and purposes!

We'd love you to sign up now so we have your details. You are able to sign up before paying - payment is only required later (R200 deposit by 21 April, and the rest of the amount by the 26th May).

Banking details will be emailed to you once you have signed up. And included in there will be a reminder of when the dates for the deposit and final payment need to be completed by.

For any queries regarding the Conference, you can contact Ryan on 061 227 3553.

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