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Wanderbirds Picnic June 30, 2019 signup
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Do you plan to hike? You must sign up separately to ensure a seat on the bus and/or to let hike leaders know who will be hiking. (Email for Laura Heaton: *
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Picnic fee is $5 plus a dish OR $15 if you do not bring a dish to share. Choose one. (You can pay by sending a check made out to the Wanderbirds, to Barbara Blaylock at 6225 Mazwood Rd, Rockville, MD 20852, or on the bus on hikes earlier in June.) *
What dish will you bring? (such as appetizer, side veggie, salad, side starch, fruit salad, dessert, or whatever we need...)
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NOTE: Registration for this event will be complete when payment is received. (See above) as food must be purchased for this event. Consider bringing nondisposable plates, cups, utensils to reduce waste. Also consider bringing a folding chair if you have one. Add any additional comments here.
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