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Freshmen Student Survey
Transition from St. Mary's to High School
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What is the full title of your 9th grade Math class? *
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What, if any Honors/Advanced courses are you taking as a 9th grader? Be specific. Please indicate the content area. *
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List the ways you are getting involved in your new school. Feel free to identify some of your accomplishments so far (arts, athletics, academics, leadership, clubs) . *
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Identify a specific area in which St. Mary's could have helped you be better prepared for high school. *
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Reflect on the ways in which St. Mary's positively prepared you for the transition to high school. *
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St. Mary's prepared me for a successful high school transition - agree or disagree. *
My faith-based grade-school education has had a positive impact on my high school experience - agree or disagree. *
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