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The Equity, Diversity and Public Policy Initiative Equity Analyst Application 2021-2022
The Equity, Diversity, and Public Policy Initiative (EDPP) promotes the adoption of an intersectional lens in policy analysis. EDPP is a graduate student-led organization at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy and encourages the discussion of gender and identity-based inequalities in the realm of public policy in collaboration with Munk student leadership initiatives, faculty and administration, our alumni advisory group, and other networks within the University of Toronto landscape.

EDPP facilitates a variety of programming throughout the year, including roundtables, networking sessions, and socials organized and led by its Equity Analysts. Our platform provides a chance for Equity Analysts to organize relevant events, engage in thought-leadership, as well as to network with members of the policy community on equity issues.

To apply:
1. Please answer the following five questions
2. Provide us with your name and email address
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Why are you interested in working with EDPP? Please discuss your interests in issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion in public policy. (150-200 words). *
Discuss how you could contribute to EDPP. Please include any relevant work/volunteer experiences (Ex. experience working with equity, diversity, and public policy, project management, research, workshop facilitation, other related experience). (150 - 300 words). *
Are there specific topics or current events/activities that you would like to explore this year? (Ex. issues related to gender/racial inequality, diversity, accessibility, etc.). Explain why. (150 - 250 words). *
In point form, please list the specific skills you are hoping to develop as an Equity Analyst (min 1; max 5). *
Would you like to be a member of the Equity Advisory Team? *
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