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five day friendly adoption form
i agree to care and love my potential "furever" k9 as if it were already my own. (so spoiled rotten!) *
while under the five day trial, i understand that all basic medical expenses for this foster k9 is covered under k9pawtrol rescue co. with k9pawtrol approval at pre approved vet. *
i agree to provide the dog with exercise, basic obedience training and house training. *
while under the five day trial, i understand that i will provide a loving environment that allows safety for both kid(s) if applicable and k9. i acknowledge my potential k9 is a rescue, therefore may need time to adapt to new surroundings. *
i understand that the k9pawtrol rescue co. id tag must be worn at all times, and i will notify k9pawtrol if replacement is needed. *
i understand that my potential k9 may not be fully house-trained; as accidents do happen, i will provide house-training if needed. *
while under the five day trial, i will properly introduce my potential k9 to new humans, cats, and dogs. *
i agree to keep my potential k9 on a leash while outside my home to ensure safety. *
i understand that i am responsible for the safety of my potential k9. *
i agree to notify k9pawtrol rescue co. IMMEDIATELY if my potential k9 goes missing or is injured. *
i understand if for any reason i can no longer care for my potential k9 to contact a representative from k9pawtrol rescue co. *
i understand that k9pawtrol rescue co. retains the right to remove my potential k9 if they have reason to believe the k9 is mistreated (not cared for, left outside inappropriately, etc.) *
i agree if i have any questions to openly discuss with a k9pawtrol rescue co. representative.
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