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Travel Experiences - Survey
We're trying to make travel/tourism as fun and painless as possible, and we'd love for you to share your thoughts. We promise it won't be too long. Thanks for helping us out :)
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The next few questions are about your experiences.
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These can be places you've travelled a lot to, and places you've lived in.
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Have you ever given traveling advice to friends/family/others? *
If so, tell us more about it.
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Would you like giving activity/logistical suggestions to a visitor (for the cities/locations above)? *
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What places have you visited in the past? How did you plan those trips? *
How did you plan your itinerary?
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What services/websites/apps do you use when you travel, if any? *
For hotel bookings, flights, trains, rentals, itineraries, etc.
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Looking back on past trips, what were some of your favorite memories? *
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