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RHS PAC Reservations
Roosevelt HS organizations wanting to book the use of the Roosevelt HS Performing Arts Center (RHS PAC) will need to complete the following form for either rehearsal and/or performance of any kind. In preparation for school assemblies OR activities involving class presentations OR other events, the following form should be completed in detail and SUBMITTED TO THE THEATRE PRODUCTION MANAGER AT LEAST TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE REQUEST DATE. Please model for our students and plan ahead. Last minute requests cannot be honored.
Basic Required Information
All sections must be filled out for form to be complete. Only completed forms will be accepted for usage.
Name of Group/Department
RHS (not including outside providers)
PPS (not including outside providers)
Outside Provider (SUN, Step Up, IRCO, etc.)
Contact Name
Contact Phone
Contact Email
Event Name
Date of Event
Type of Event
Brief description of event
Tech Rehearsal Date (if needed)
Tech Rehearsal Time (if needed)
Arrival Time (when you expect to enter the space to begin setting up for your event)
Curtain Time (when your event starts for attendees/participants/patrons)
Departure Time (when you will be done in the space, including cleaning up after your event)
Number of event participants
Anticipated audience size
RHS PAC Performance Needs
*Please note: Unless RHS/PPS sponsored event, outside groups must provide all equipment for event or pay additional rental costs and/or worker costs. See separate pricing sheet for additional rental fees. Renting group is responsible for any incurred damage and replacement costs as noted by TPM.
BLACK BOX THEATRE (Please check all that apply.)
MUSIC (Please check all that apply.)
Due to incurred costs associated with outside rentals beyond the regular school and classroom usage, the RHS Theatre Department has developed a rental fee structure to ensure the facility is kept at a safe and fully functioning level, as well as appropriately compensating student workers (PAC RATS) for their time and efforts to learn and maintain a community facility at the most professional level possible in an educational setting.
SOUND (Please check all that apply.)
MICROPHONES (Please check all that apply.)
MICROPHONES (Indicate number needed.)
ASSISTED LISTENING DEVICES (No more than 4 listening devices are available.)
LIGHTING (Please check all that apply.)
MOVIE SCREEN/PROJECTION (Please check all that apply.)
RHS PAC RATS (Performing Arts Center--Roosevelt Arts Technical Staff)
Unless RHS/PPS sponsored event, outside group must provide personnel for event or pay additional student worker costs at current minimum wage rate)
PERSONNEL (Please check all boxes that apply. Additional fees may apply per staff member.)
COMMENTS (Indicate any additional information needed regarding your event not covered in this form.)
Your thoroughness and pre-planning will help make your event a success! Once this form is submitted, please contact to alert the Theatre Production Manager about your form and for any additional questions.
Outside organizations or Roosevelt HS organizations wanting to book the use of the Roosevelt HS Performing Arts Center (RHSPAC) will need to adhere to the following for either rehearsal and/or performance of any kind:
➢ The Theatre Production Manager (TPM) must be hired at his/her current Portland Public School District hourly rate for a minimum of four hours. The rate will start upon opening the RHSPAC for said organization and continue until post event inspection and the organization exits the facility. Any additional time required for the TPM to restore the facilities to pre-use conditions will be billed and paid on receipt.
➢ The TPM will 1) open the RHSPAC at the agreed upon time, 2) provide access to those rooms booked by the organizations, 3) give technical guidance, help, and advice to the level needed by the booking organization, 4) make sure that the facilities and technical requirement are setup correctly for the organization booking the RHSPAC, and 5) supervise the student technical crew. After the close of every event, the TPM will make a final inspection of the RHSPAC and file a report regarding the condition of the facilities and the cooperation of the booking organization.
➢ Roosevelt HS prides itself in having opportunities for students to have experiential learning opportunities for their students, which is why our students will be participating in helping operate our Performing Arts Center. A minimum of two student technicians (PAC RATS—Roosevelt Arts Technical Staff), at the standard Portland minimum rate per hour, must be retained for every event for a minimum of four hours. Depending on the technical needs of the booking organization, the students will be required a minimum of one hour prior to the start of the program to facilitate setup, and continue through the close of program, including the final technical shutdown and storage of equipment used.
➢ A minimum of one security personnel must be retained for every event for a minimum of four hours his/her current Portland Public School District hourly rate. Waivers to this requirement can be requested.
➢ Is a police presence required for your event? No • Yes • (Additional fees may apply.)
➢ A RHSPAC facilities technical use/needs form, available from the TPM only, must be filled out in connection with the booking of the RHSPAC no less than one month prior to the booking date, but may require additional notification. Notification of any booking must be given well in advance, in order to provide adequate staffing and facility preparation.
➢ ALL OUTSIDE RENTALS MUST PROVIDE THEIR OWN TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT, such as lighting consoles, sound consoles, microphones, etc. If your organization wishes to use the on-site equipment, additional fees will apply for rental, as well as incur ALL costs associated with any replacement of used or broken equipment beyond wear and tear.
➢ Any front of house (FOH) personnel provided by the organization must be trained two weeks prior to the event by, and coordinate with, the TPM in order to correctly follow facility policies and procedures.
➢ The RHSPAC is a NO FOOD OR DRINKS facility. Any food or drink sold must be consumed in the lobby area. NO FOOD OR DRINK WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE THEATRE AT ANY TIME. This policy will be strictly enforced. Booking organizations will be levied a fine/cleaning fee if the policy is broken. (minimum $500)
➢ Upon close of the specific event the booking organization will remove any materials or supplies brought by them for their event before they exit the facility.
➢ If additional technical rehearsal is needed, the TPM and student technicians’ minimum fees will apply above and beyond the booking costs of performance.
➢ All minimum TPM, student technicians, security personal, and police fees will be due upon booking of the facility. Additional hours incurred will be billed with the balance due within ten days after the event.
➢ A $250 facilities use fee will be due upon booking of the facility, either by check or account transfer to RHS Theatre.
➢ A separate check for the $500 damage deposit is required, and is returned after a satisfactory final inspection by TPM. (Check attached. To be initialed by TPM only.)
➢ All checks should be made payable to “Roosevelt High School” with the memo: Theatre Arts—RHSPAC.
➢ If you are part of PPS, please provide your cost chart field code for charges .

Submitting this form constitutes agreement to the terms and conditions therein.

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