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Rites of Spring (Current R1s - Seattle Track)
Welcome to the Rites of Spring process! This is your chance to express preferences about your rotations for next year. Below you will be able to select a number of items to indicate your preferences about. However please note that you may not get all of your first choices so please indicate which issues/choices matter the most to you.

Your rotations for your PGY-2 year will include:

- 4 months inpatient psychiatry (2 months HMC, 2 months VA/UW, whichever you didn’t do as an R1)
- 4 months consultation-liaison psychiatry (1-2 mo UW, 1-2 mo HMC, 1 mo VA)
- 1 month emergency psychiatry (HMC PES)
- 6 weeks night float (usually as two 2-week blocks; let us know if you prefer 3 weeks at a time)
- 2 months selective rotations (for choices, please see below)
- continuity clinic one half-day per week

Descriptions of specific rotations are available on the resident website at:

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