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Baby Trump Tour -- Baby Adoption Service
[Note: this is the Adoption Service Form. If you just want to get in touch or ask a question, use this form instead:]


Just as with a real baby, there are a lot of important details and hoops to jump through if you want to have a Baby Trump event:

-- Managing your event
-- Getting trained on handling the balloon for safety and maintenance.
-- Costs: insurance, shipping, helium, location space rental, etc. These depend a lot on event details. Be prepared to spend $1500 (which you can make up with fundraising).
-- Timeline (reserving a location, working with local authorities, etc.)

We’re going to help you as much as we can. Complete the form and we will get back to you quickly.
-- The Babysitters

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A lot of the details are better over the phone, so we will call you rather than go back and forth over email.
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All events will be planned through a partner organization, unless you think you've got a great reason for being an exception. If so, put 'N/A' and explain that at the bottom.
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US only. (Other groups are putting on events in other countries. Fill out the form and we'll put you in touch.)
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Or nearest location/jurisdiction (e.g., congressional district)
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Our ability to meet this will depend on how busy the balloons are and where your event will be located. You can give us details in the Message field at the bottom.
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Part of our job is to build local teams to run Baby Trump events, but we understand if you do not want to share your contact information. In either case, Baby Trump Tour will never sell or share your information to anyone without your express permission, and then only for the purpose of organizing a Baby Trump event.
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