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Downstage Media Pre Interview Questionnaire
Thanks for filling this out and your interest in helping performing artists' work get front and center with Downstage Media!

This is just to get a sense of what programs, apps, and platforms you are already comfortable using so your skills can be matched up with our needs.
1 is least comfortable. 5 is most comfortable.

There's a space below if there's something else you'd like to share. Not necessary, but if you feel it'll give a clearer picture, go right ahead.

For example: "I have only used this a little bit, but I use lots of other Google products and I'm sure I'd pick it up quickly." or "Don't know this at all." or "I know this very, very well."

Please note: if you have no idea what the site/platform is that is TOTALLY FINE. We are more than happy to teach the right person even if you don't have the skills yet!

Thanks again!!!!

Annie Schiffmann
Founder, Downstage Media

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