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DWeb 2018 Incident Report
If you prefer to speak to a member of the Code of Conduct team, please text or call Alexis Rossi at 415-570-8715.

Your name and contact information are not required to submit a report; there are optional fields for them at the bottom of the form if you would like us to follow up with you directly. Thank you for taking the time to report the incident.

The Code of Conduct is located at You are welcome to report incidents regardless of whether they are covered by the Code of Conduct.
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Tell us who actively participated in the incident (other than yourself). Contact information is not required.  If you don't know a person's full name, you may provide more context in the "additional info" box in this section.
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Additional people involved in the incident, or additional information
If there were witnesses to the incident who could provide additional information or context, please let us know.  It is not necessary to provide witnesses.  It is also not necessary to provide contact info if you don't know it.
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