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Taiwan Risk Forum 2022 (Online)

在美國聯邦眾議院議長裴洛西訪台後,美中在台灣問題上的緊張關係日趨升高。此事件所引發的後續效應包含北京相較以往更有決心以武力統一台灣、 投資者對台灣股市前景的焦慮不斷增加、以及歐美即將採取的“去台灣化”供應鏈。

於此同時,依據Sentieo金融研究平台的資料顯示,今年三月上市公司向SEC 提交的年度報告(10-k)中,有116家公司將台海緊張列入營運風險;日經調查亦顯示,逾九成企業經營者憂心『台灣有事』。 鑑於此,藍濤亞洲將協同各聯盟夥伴舉辦『台灣風險線上論壇』,通過各領域 專家的討論與見解,找出最佳解決方案與思維方式。此論壇將從五個面向討論台灣風險,分別是政治風險、投資風險、科技風險、能源風險、與經濟風險。


■ 主辦單位:藍濤亞洲
■ 協辦單位:李國鼎科技發展基金會、東海大學智慧轉型中心、台灣鍛鏈聯盟、 東南亞影響力聯盟、地中海亞洲海洋聯盟、台灣玉山科技協會、台灣併購與私募股權協會、中華獨立董事協會
■ 活動時間:2022. 12. 20 (Tue) 14:00 - 16:30(台北時間)
■ 活動形式:線上參與 (採用Zoom線上軟體)
■ 風險議題講者:
整體風險 - 黃齊元
政治風險 - 趙麟;蘇起
投資風險 - Andrew Wylegala
科技風險 - 劉佩真
能源風險 - 梁啟源
經濟風險 - 劉憶如

At A Glance

   US-China tensions over Taiwan are becoming more severe after Pelosi's Trip to Taiwan. The fallout of Pelosi's visit includes Beijing being more confident than ever that it could retake Taiwan by force, investors' anxiety mounting over the prospect of the stock market, and European/ the US adopting a "de-Taiwanize" supply chain. 

   In the meantime, executives at publicly traded US companies are increasingly worried about a further escalation of tensions over Taiwan. Moreover, according to a Nikkei survey, more than 90% of business operations are concerned about "something happening in Taiwan."

   Given this, FCC Partners holds an online forum to figure out the best solution and way of thinking through expert discussion and insights. The panel will discuss Taiwan's Risks from 5 perspectives: Politics, Investment, Technology, Energy, and financials.

■ Speakers:
General Risk  - CY Huang
Politic Risk - Leonard Chao; Su Chi
Investment Risk - Andrew Wylegala
Technology Risk - Pei-Zhen Liu
Energy Risk - Chi-Yuan Liang
Financial Risk - Christina Liu

■ 活動聯絡人(Contact):
Lydie Chen / 0952335012 /
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